Add greater threshold for face detection

I shoot mainly sports. I shoot a lot at f 2.8 and intentionally blur people in the background (players further down field, spectators in the stands) and sometimes in the foreground (other players, refs, etc.)

When processing (mainly Photo AI) it will auto detect all faces and try to recover people in the stands etc. It will also include non-target players in the “subject” and try to sharpen those players/participants for “soft focus.”

While I can manually de-select faces and manually refine the subject, this takes a lot of time and defeats batch processing.

While I don’t know how the application would better detect the desired subject/faces while leaving the rest alone this would be a great improvement if it could be done reliably to allow use of auto-pilot/batch processing without having to tweak nearly every photo.

This is a good idea! It should be possible by adding a threshold for the face detection, I’ll pass this along as a feature request.

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