Add extra resizing options to Settings

I need to process thousands of images in PAI from 15 years ego and up, taken with my Nikon D300 & D700 cameras, with enlargement by 3x.

Last year, I and some people on this forum, ask Topaz team to implement, missing from enlargement panel, 3x & 5x buttons.

Topaz engineers responded with creation of a window, where we can type custom X number.

While it was really great solution for batch processing, that you type once, and process 200, 300, 500 images at the time, I like to process my images on one by one bases, and typing every single time, custom 3X number, is a tedious, not very efficient task.

Is it possible to implement that option in Preferences, Output Size window, 3x option?

If PAI allow 3x enlargement, by typing in a Tools panel, it might be viable, not very difficult to implement, option for Autopilot, in Preference panel as well.

These common camera’s sensor sizes, across all platforms, will benefit majority of photographers who need 3x enlargement.