Add deep fake face feature to do better work on face refinement

Hi guys, i’m going to doing a small restoration work on old footage, and some face are very blurry.
i’m going to think to use deep fake face to do a face refinement where veia cannot work fine.
could be possibile to help face refinement with additional data, like with deep fake face lab?

Way too much potential for abuse on this sort of request.

Sorry Craig, i not understand.
Face Lab is just a free tool on gifthub, and allow you to face swap easely, everyone can see a youtube video and do it.
I ask to use similar approach to do better face refinement with custom learning of model for my needindgs, many people use VEIA to restore old videos, vhs or dv videos with limited sharpness or very offuscated face, where you can do better also with same video sample to same actor grab near.
in this period i do restoration of a short where i had many troubles to restore face of two actors, that i had in another backstage very near and very clear shooting of same acting, that mean i can instruct face lab to grab it and put over other blurred shooting (actually i’m trying but is very slow).
i thought that could be a usefl tool for restoration

All creators and inventors should just stop their endeavors because anything and everything they create can potentially be abused? What absolutely absurd logic.


The thing is that it would become to easy to do it.

And people will do.

it’s just easy to do, many free software to do it,
youtube tutorial how to do
youtube is full of face swapping, i had different app on ihpone to do that in a few seconds…
i ask be cause is just a public domani option, also my nephew of 9 years do it with tablet…
this isn’t a reason to not have it on veia to do a better work on restoration of shooting

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And? Is that the argument to justify stifling progress?

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That’s funny as long as you’re not affected yourself.

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Sorry, still not an argument. It’s called personnel accountability. If someone were to break a law with that tech then THEY can face that consequence. Don’t need my hand held by nanny.

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lol, they are actuall ALL breaking the law lol… in case you didn’t noticed… except in some case (like with the luke deepfake in the boba fett serie because they asked autorisation, same for carrie fisher), there is not a single person who gave the autorisation to anybody on youtube to use deepfake on their face ! i’m not even talking about the “other world” of videos, out there… i’m sure nicolas cage agreed to have his face on amy adams body, or what about Poutine or Barack Obama ?

we’re in a situation where nobody does anything and let everybody doing everything. that does not mean it’s allowed !

That’s what you need to tell kids who will drag and drop then make bullying videos.

Stuff you can download from github is something else.

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Then that’s an issue with the relevant authorities tasked with enforcement in these matters if they are not fulfilling their duties. My stance is to not mass punish legitimate, law/policy abiding consumers for the nefarious deeds of others. Maybe I’m just old fashioned and believe in individual’s freedom of choice and personal accountability for those choices…not slippery slope logical fallacies.