Add contrast level during rendering?

is there a way in Video AI to add / change the contrast level either through UI or CLI when doing an upscale?
maybe also saturation, gamma, brightness, etc…?

Hi, since many of us use various non-linear editors, it seems best to do color and contrast corrections in a scenario where the there is a complete dedicated set of colorist’s tools, including luts.

That being said, to correct before Uprez or after, is a matter of trial and error in small steps.


I am trying to avoid two times compression , your suggestion means I’ll need to compress it twice and that is detail loss (one for color grading and other for uprez). Hence I am asking if there is a filter for contrast, saturation, brightness, etc. I can use in the CLI?

You might be able to do a pipe with the CLI. I’ve heard of people doing that on this forum.
Your next best option would be to output to images.
TVAI only offers ProRes for reasonable minimal quality loss video output. You have to use some other tool to get reasonable storage file sizes at optimal quality anyway. You might as well output to images.
TVAI also doesn’t handle audio correctly yet. You’re better off adding the audio back in from the original file with another tool.