Add "Comments" option to Open Images dialogue

Please add a new Topaz Photo AI menu entry: “View > View Options”. It would give the user the choice of seeing, and organizing by, a lot of columns or by a few columns in Topaz Photo AI 's “File > Open Images” window.

Such a “View > View Options” menu already exists in the Mac Finder. It allows the user to view or hide the following columns: “Date Modified”, “Date Created”, “Date Last Opened”, “Date Added”,“Size”, “Kind”, "Comments ", and “Tags”.

Presently, Topaz Photo AI 's “File > Open Images” window shows only the following columns: " Name", “Size”, “Kind”, and “Date Added”. There is no way that I have found to view Tags or Comments as columns.

I add bird species in Mac’s “File > Get Info = Comments” section. I organize files by bird species by clicking on the Mac Finder column heading entitled “Comments”. It works well in the Finder.

Unfortunately, my file organization method is presently unsupported by Topaz Photo AI because “Comments” cannot be shown in the File > Open Images window.

It’s already there, click on the Change your view Icon, and there is also a Show the preview pane Icon. If you click on the Get Help icon it will explain all the options you have in explorer … it’s there as a blue question mark:


If you want to look at metadata, click on the image and select Properties then the Details pane.