Add ability to select faces that are not recognized by Photo AI

There are times the software does not recognize a face. There should be a tool that allows you to select the face.

Yes, I have noticed that too that sometimes it does not recognize a face. I have had it happen a few times even when the face is large and looking right at the camera. I wish I could force Photo AI to detect that face when it doesn’t automatically.

Recover Face are designed for small & low resolution face only.
If the face is large & high resolution, “Recover Face” will only make the face blur, that is why TPAI automatically disable “Recover Face” when the face is large.

Actually, if you reread you will note that I did not use the words “high resolution.” It could have benefitted from Recover Faces as did the faces that were detected right next to it that were almost as big and were detected.

Thank you for the clarification.

In such case, I recommend you send the photo to developer, so that they can modify the face detection model. You can find the dropbox link in TPAI release post.

If the face detection model fail, manual selection won’t help much. If you force the software to put eye, nose, mouth in selected area, it will end up puting them in wrong place.

Yes - I have added my vote. I have several instances where faces are missed - usually because they are too small in the full image. When the image is cropped and reprocessed these missed faces are found as they are now larger wrt the whole image.