Add ability to apply multiple trim/cut to a single video (Video Segmentation editing)

Let’s say I have a lengthy video and I want to enhance few selected segments in that video. Currently I need to open the same video multiple times and select the required portions in each video to enhance. Finally I have to merge the output with 3rd party tool to get a single merged video.

Instead of this, if you can introduce a feature to do multiple part selection within a single video. It will be easy to enhance.

I understand you can argue, that you can apply different model to different part of the same video by opening it multiple times. Yes it is one of the scenario. But I am talking about another scenario where we need to apply same filter at different parts of the video and getting trimmed

To understand multiple selection process of the same video, try the similiar or better approach than ‘lossless cut’ (a free application to trim video without re-encoding)

And with this suggestion, we would not be losing the current way of doing it. This is a great idea.