Add a Cancel button to Gigapixel Plug-in/ External Editor

Win 11 Pro desktop PC. GAI rel. 7.0 using Ps 2024 Plugin. Processor = AMD RX6800 XT. .TIFF image sent from Ps layer stack to GAI (File > Automate).

Image settings were not improving my (very noisy & soft) image in a productive way. I decided to Cancel and return to my Ps layer stack. I could Not do that …

There is No Cancel Button in the GAI UI - only a Save to Ps Layer option. A cancel button is needed.

When I tried a CTRL + W - didn’t help. Could not cancel and close the GAI UI or send the image back to Ps unprocessed. When I finally got back to the Ps layer my Ps UI was locked up.

Needed to use Task Mgr. to completely shut down Ps 2024 - when I clicked on End Task I was seeing red “very high” indicators in the Ps 2024 notation for system usage.

There is no cancel button, but Exit in the File menu (or just hitting X in the corner) works fine normally. The TPAI plugin is the same.

That “x” didn’t work this time either. Thx for the reply.

I just find Cancel buttons more convenient.

But, in any case, trying to upscale & trying to cancel it when the image was just enlarhging noise & blur locked up both the plugin & host. I had to force close Ps host with Task Mgr. Original was about 52 Mb & I was enlarging 1.5x. Most of image was Firefly background generated in Ps.

Upscaling in the host isn’t working reliably anymore. At least 60% of the time I don’t even get a msg box back in the Ps UI (in those times when I click Save to Ps) that has to be X’d out to make the upscale take effect. Which is a bad process anyway, b/c the upscale should happen automatically when saved to Ps.

@Fotomaker, this is definitely something that I will talk with the team about. I agree that a Cancel button would be convenient as well.

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