Adaptive Exposure

Hi peeps,

So I use LR and PS mainly, and from those applications I typically launch the few plugins purchased from Topaz, these would be Clarity, Clean3, Simplify4 and Black & White Effects.
I find myself really drawn to the Adaptive Exposure feature from within the Black & White plugin, often even going to the hassle of removing the black and white preset and putting the photo back to colour (by using the Colour tool in Local Adjustments), this is now becoming a drag somewhat after doing it for the hundredth time.

I don’t use Studio, but recently installed it, I can see it too has now become something I could launch/plugin from within LR and PS, but I have little experience in using that software/interface.

I’m wanting a quicker way to apply Adaptive Exposure in colour, is it perhaps better to use Studio for this, or will I always be doomed to convert the image from starting out Black & White to colour?

I also notice that when using the Clarity tool I get the ‘Colour’ adjustment for masking (as well as Normal and Edge Aware), this Colour brush would be handy for some Adaptive Exposure masking, again perhaps using Studio provides this for Adaptive Exposure?

I thought I’d ask my question here first before spending my time experimenting in Studio, I do have a few other things I can get on with whilst I wait for replies.


Look at the Topaz Adjust plugin- works in Studio or by itself in other host programs.

Is that a paid for plugin though? I don’t much like the idea of paying again for the feature I already have paid for!
It’s just about accessing that specific feature that seems limited to Black & White Effects (and therefore some brush work to turn things back to colour). I can’t even seem to create or save a preset with B&W with things in colour (ie it doesn’t store Local Adjustment brush strokes as a preset). :frowning:

Click on the link I provided yes, paid plugin (sometimes on sale) but you can try the Trial version & see if it will do what you want. If you want adaptive exposure and adaptive saturation for color this is it.

Video showing how Adjust works-

Thanks but I think I’d rather keep doing the manual conversion of b&w to colour first than pay $49.99 for something I already own, seem a bit of a steep ‘shortcut’, I mean fine if you don’t own that feature but… I do.

I’m a little confused. If you already own Adjust 5 why not use it for adaptive exposure? You will never have to pay twice for something that you already own.

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I don’t own Adjust 5, I own Black & White, which has Adaptive Exposure. The whole point of this thread is everything I want to use that specific feature, I have to fire up B&W and then use Local Adjustments and a brush tool to put colour back into the shot (if of course I want the original image to remain colour). Get’s tedious.

I’m also looking for adaptive exposure. I see Adjust AI as a plugin to Studio, but I don’t see how to do adaptive exposure in adjust AI. Am I missing something?

Adjust 5 does not show up as a plugin to Studio 2 for me. Can I make it show up somehow?

Adjust 5 is a legacy product and therefore won’t appease in Studio 2. But it will appear in Studio 1 which is also a legacy product.

Well Don, is there any way to do Adaptive Exposure within Studio 2 since legacy Adjust 5 can’t be used. It is one of the very unique features Topaz had developed.

Adaptive Exposure likeness can be achieved with Precision Contrast and Curves. But not the same as Adjust/B&W Effects adaptive exposure where you can adjust up to 40 ‘regions’ in the image. For example this image:

Can become this in Studio 2

But in Adjust you can have more control with the 2 sliders whereas in the new Adjust it doesn’t have that fine control, just Brightness & Clarity:

The best option is to download Studio 1 and use that as a host, or use Affinity Photo, PS, PSE etc. Personally though I find that you can do the same as Adaptive exposure in Curves.