Activation required

Having just returned from an extended photo trip, I have to say that the requirement to “Activate” my version of Topaz AI rendered it useless! When in the field without internet connection how are we supposed to “activate” our bought and paid for version of AI? This is a ridiculous requirement and should be scrapped immediately


This is how a number of sw tools in different fields do it. If possible, I avoid them, because if a person is somewhere e.g. for 14 (or more) days with limited access to the Internet or no access at all (and it happens, and the companies know it well), then the paid SW tool is useless. This has happened to me before with TPAI as well. In my opinion (maybe I’m wrong?) the convenience of those companies is behind it (and maybe something else, but that would be speculation). Time-limited subscriptions (I never buy them as a matter of principle) and constant “activation” is today’s spreading plague. The truth is that it is partly caused by the illegal use of the software by some people, but even so it is discouraging probably not only for me. But there is no hope for change. Just looking for alternatives.

I have yet to test it for sure, but you can get it to keep you logged in for quite a long time, if there appears to be no option for internet.
To do this, you would log in with something like a mobile hotspot or whatever, then turn off the wifi on the computer or unplug the network it for the duration of how long it will be without internet.

I mostly only have login issues when it is connected to the internet, but cannot reach the Topaz authentication servers.

The activation step is required to verify the license for the app. Once it has done this, the app creates an auth.tpz file that keeps the app logged in for several months provided that file is not deleted or cleared by a registry cleaning or another app. To work offline you will need to make sure that you have downloaded all of the models first through the Model Manager otherwise the app will try to connect and find the model file and if there is not an internet connection it will cause an error.

If you are still having issues with the app activating please reach out to the support team via and send the logs for review.

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support and attach the zip file to your email.

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“Several months” is not the case as far as I can sell, maybe several weeks.

I have a Windows PC that I dedicate to things I can’t really run on a Linux PC (Last I tried it TVAI for Linux was not viable). I keep this PC blocked from all internet traffic and remote into it over LAN. I just started TVAI and got hit with activation. Now I have to unblock the WAN on that PC just so TVAI can phone home. I’m more worried about Microsoft than Topaz but still, I own the software…I shouldn’t have to activate it.

I used to have rules setup on my router to allow TVAI’s model download domain. That was like version 2 I think and it stopped working so I just removed it. If I can figure out how to do it again, do you have the model and activation URL’s or whatever so I can allow those without exposing that PC to general internet traffic?

Our authentication occurs through these domains: