Achieving 1200% Blow Ups

For those interested. I do extensive blow ups on a large project I’m working on. It’s all landscapes. I need more blow up than GP allows at 6x.

If you are careful with your landscape original from raw, and get the perfect balance of not too much blur and not too sharp, then try out each model with light settings at 2X until you get a 2X that looks as natural as possible, then you can do the 6X after that and sometimes will get a nice looking result, or 1200% blow ups. Again, I feel the trick is finding the right softness level on your original file to where the GP models grab the best and make realistic looking foliage.

Of course I still have problems with blurry patches, but… when and where it does work, it looks pretty nice for that much upscaling.

Do experiment with different levels of blur. Or, if you had a jpg that was already sharp, then blur it in PS. Try Gaussian blur at 1X, then fade to 80% and then try your models at 2X.

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