Access to window disappears if you toggle away from App- 1.3 8

version 1.3.8
Steps to reproduce issue:
Open - select image
do not need to open image - simply toggle away.

Using stand alone not via Photoshop.

Toggle away and then go back - no window to work on
hide others still gives nothing.
Cannot select a new image
close all images - the try to ope - cannot see anything.

I have to quit program to see image

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Topaz Photo AI [1.3.8] on [Mac] Ventura 13.4

Mac Studio Pro 0 M1 Ultra
128 gig, 4TB SSD

Please follow the instructions below to fix this issue.
Topaz Photo AI Freezes on Importing Image (Mac)

Let me know if it’s working after doing this.

I followed the instructions and restarted – opened - used and saved the image. Then cmdTab to go to another program - tried going back… and nothing showed.

Repeated the process but only had the initial window show - tabbed out and then tabbed back – program menu is still up in the menu bar but it will not do anything.

still happening 1.3.11
if I go away from the window it goes away and I have to quit and open again –

If I have it in a definite floating window it does not go away.
FIX – If I take the window and grab the corner and resize to make it float it is ok.
If I click on the green button on frame to go to full frame if I tab away and try to go back it is gone.

Please send in a support request to I’d like to get some more information, including a screen recording if possible.

Loom is a great free application for this: Download the Loom Desktop App | Loom

screen recording - I showed it working and then made it full screen and switched apps using cmd tab bouncing between different apps and tying to see Photo Ai - so you can see that quitting and restarting is only option. I no longer have the issue since I always have it in a floating window now.

see recording. Glad you suggested - simply did not think to do before.

I updated to latest version just before making the screen recording.
v 1.3.12

Screen Recording 2023-06-29 at 5.03.38 (33.1 MB)
did not realize I needed to zip first - it is a quicktime .mov

Thanks for sending this. I shared it with the developers to investigate.

We have tried to reproduce it but haven’t been able to so far. Do you have any software on your computer that could affect the display window and switching between windows?

It may go to Mac Studio Pro - I have an issue with the machine if the machine goes to sleep it will not wake the Cintiq USB-C connected monitor - the HDMI connected projector can wake and I have to reboot to get it to get the Cintiq to wake.

I am not sure how that can match the issue I have seen here with your program.
Yes I have tried yours with and without the projector connected.

I can work it with floating window - so if you have anyone else have same issue you can suggest tgey try it as well.

I assume you saw the recording so you have seen my experience. I suspect you have more important areas to put your programming time.

I’d rather be able to plug in the final size of what I want and then adjust or make sure I get the DPI I want.

At this point I have switch completely over from Gigapixel which I liked.

Thank you for your time.
If I bump into anything else I will report it but I don’t care if this is fixed - tgere is an easy work around for me.

Kent Gardner
c 802.917.1920

I appreciate your flexibility on this. We did add a DPI feature to the latest versions of Topaz Photo AI which should help you get the right image size and DPI you want.

Hopefully this is what you were looking for.

I noticed the pixels - tried it – thank you for adding
…and just now realized from coming back and reading your response (ouch - my bad) that you allowed the selection of inches – so much for my reading your notes on what is new (color me embarrassed)

Your opinion on best practices?
Does your algorithm work best - or any different if the multiplier is not an even number?
After asking and you adding – am I better off doing your 2x or 4x and then cutting down in Photoshop or leaving the resolution?
You are the experts and know how your code works.

Perhaps I should select specific size and let the resolution fall where it may… ?

The multiplier amount does not significantly affect the result if it’s an even number or not.

You should upscale to the exact size that you want in Topaz Photo AI to get the best image quality and avoid upscaling/downscaling again which will further affect the image quality.

In short, you can use any size and Topaz Photo AI will make the most of what your input is. No need to worry about the scale number and how many decimals or what digits it is.

I’ve been on many beta and prerelease groups — yours is one of the best at answering back to your users.

Thank you

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