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Hi Preston,

Some of us have already submitted a number of product direction ideas that a lot of users (based on the number of “Likes” recorded) have resonated with.

I hope we don’t have to start from scratch re-entering all those ideas. That would be discouraging & burdensome to those who’ve taken the time to provide as clearly articulated as possible ideas for the past 8+ months in alpha, beta and public beta discussion threads (including the past two months’ Product Roadmap threads).

Could someone in product mgt/mktg at Topaz please go through those suggestion and idea oriented discussion threads (like the Dec., Jan., Feb. Roadmaps) and pls summarize what Topaz’s takeaway is from customers?

Then we can scan & see if - perhaps - our ideas were either missed (or, something else) in that summary. That’s my 1st idea. Thx!


Hi! We have gone and are still going through all the reports that have been posted whether in the release version, alpha, or beta threads. We’re just re-formatting some of the forum groups for better organization but we’re aware of everything that has already been brought up. Thanks as always for your feedback - very much appreciated! :slight_smile: