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Can you clarify the difference between this section and the one over at Topaz Products > Product Feature Requests beside being specific to VEAI? Should we duplicate requests pertaining to VEAI here? Surely some interesting ideas can come outside of the beta testing program, so having such a section here seems redundant and limiting.

What would be good would be to be able to enter numerically an enlargement rate other than 200% or 400%, like 150% or 133%.

At the tab for the size, you can select and indivudal scaling, entering any number you like.
Internaly, VEAI Scales in Integers (1x, 2x, 4x…). So sclaing to 150% will do an internal 200% AI-pass, followed by a reduction to the 150% via lancoz traditional scaling (which is fine).
There is a "tipping point, which used to be at around 120% - below that, the lower Upscale ratio (100% in this case) will be done by the AI, followed by an upscale - above that, the next higher ratio will be used, followed by a downscale…

If the tipping point still is at 120% and if lancoz still is used for resizing - I am not 100% sure, maybe TOPAz could comment on that.

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ah, btw… move on up one hierarchy into the “group” section of thi post and if you have suggestions, post them here - so every request gets one single thread. This one is the “generall announcement and talk about the group” thread.

The chronos function works very well, but she lacks an limitation between scenes. Occurs mixing 2-3 frames. Is AI possible to determine the scene change? For example, if the filling of the frame changes more than xx% to reset the calculation and start over. Or scans the perimeter of the frame, when all 4 sides are simultaneously losing the vector of motion, start calculating new. Perhaps for amateur video it is not so noticeable, but for the movie it is unacceptable.

We will be using this category and voting for picking up new features. The requests from the other post will be moved here by @ida.topazlabs, if you do not see a post with your request then go ahead and add a post.

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