About the Bugs and Issues category

The Bugs and Issues category is where users should report any unknown bugs that they are experiencing with Photo AI. This category will also feature known behaviors and issues that our team is aware of, plus any known steps you can take to resolve your conflict.

Bugs that have been fixed will be tagged with Resolved

Bugs that we currently do not have a fix for will be tagged with Unresolved

Bugs that we are actively investigating will be tagged with Investigating

Bugs that we are waiting for additional information from users will be tagged with Pending

Bugs that we have found a solution for but has not been patched in an update will be tagged with In-Progress

Please search this category for your bug before posting it to prevent duplication. Any duplicate posts will be removed. Feel free to vote for existing bugs that you are also experiencing, so we can gauge how many users are experiencing these.

Grass artifact caused by Remove Noise continues in latest version. Uploaded original image per request for prior version.