Abnormal termination of a job indicates it was successful, but wasn't

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    When I start a long job (50+mins at 1.9fps ProRes 422 std) the job will run for awhile (say 1hr 26min) then show a green checkmark showing completed, but the time indicated is only 1hr 26min (and not the 14+ required). The resulting .mov is viewable, but truncated.
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    Mac M1 Studio Max 64GB, 32 cores), Ventura 13.4.1, Processes set to 2, tried priorities of normal and very high.
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    logsForSupport.tar.gz (2.0 MB)
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    Will attach a screenshot when it happens again.
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What you are seeing is an exported file that only contains a portion of your input file is that correct? Can you share the input, export, and the steps used to recreate this issue?

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Yes, the output is truncated to approximately the same position as the status time shows completed (with a green check mark). For instance, the input is 56 mins. What should have been 14 hrs processing showed completed in 1 hr 26 min. The output was truncated to appx 10 mins.

I’m re-running the job right now and will post results. The files are substantial (4k ProRes 422). The status is 11 hours remaining. I’m outputting to a RAID 5 via TB3.

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Super odd, thank you! And to confirm, you are not using trim and you are using export and not preview?

No trim and export.

  1. Input: iPhone 4k 30fps 56 mins
  2. Output: ProRes 422 std 30 fps
  3. Settings: See attached


Hi did you share the input and output file with me? If so, what name or title were they uploaded under?

I ran the problematic job again and it succeeded, so there is nothing to upload. After the prior problems I cleared all the inputs and convert process.
I’m going to try and re-run it. In the back of my mind I’m wondering if there was some sort of disruption to either the source or destination drive that caused the problem. If the second run is okay, then I’ll look at testing a drive unmount while TVE is running to see what happens.
One thing that I noticed with the completed clip (4k to 4k iPhone to ProRes) is that some of the faces seemed to shimmer/twinkle a little. Hard to describe, but almost like there were subtle artifacts generated during object motion. It may be related to my settings. I’ll post more as I have something to report.

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