Ability to turn off update Reminders

For those not looking to update in future please add an option to disable update notices completely rather than deferring it for a period of time.

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Each program has a file called update.ini. I wonder if there is an undocumented parameter that could be changed in those to turn it off?

I am new to Topaz DeNoise, and I find this intensely irritating.

For iOS devices, where the software just get installed in the background with no fuss, this is fine. It just works quietly in the background.

However, it’s the combination of the 2-week cycle plus being forced by the Topaz software to engage it it, as it harasses and harangues you like a waiter outside an unattractive-looking restaurant in a European beach resort, that is immensely irritating. Good software should never insist that you engage with it, unless something has gone wrong.

For PCs, having a user-driven “Check for updates” menu option is a very successful way to do this. The user should always be in control :smile:

I’m very much against having to scrabble ‘around the back’ to achieve things like this. It should (a) be accessible through Settings and (b) have a sensible default setting.

I used my firewall and blocked the .EXE from all internet access. Once done it never pops up an update message. (Until/unless I unblock it later) I assume that the file tries to check for an update, finds ‘no connection’, and quietly abandons the attempt. In any case, once blocked by your firewall, you won’t get any more update messages.

As an addendum, in case the developers question why a person would want to disable updates, in my case it is since I often have to work on a project that may take a month to complete–and for sake of consistency I don’t want later images in a set to appear different than earlier images.

Personally, I prefer programs to use a notification that is unobtrusive. For example, on the top bar (beside the program name like Gigapixel or Denoise etc) you could place a yellow icon to the right of it that says “Update Available”. In this way a user doesn’t need to accept or dismiss the message, but the bright yellow icon would be easily seen. Then, a user simply clicks on the icon to start the update process. Since there is a lot of open ‘real estate’ up top, it wouldn’t be obtrusive.