Ability to save enhancements applied to an image as its property

Currently, once I apply corrections to a photo, I can save the photo itself. However, I don’t think there is the possibility of saving the enhancements applied and with which parameters, if not by writing them manually on a sheet of paper :confused:. Obviously this does not make sense for a significant number of photos: it would be very useful to save the parameters applied for example in a file with the same name as the photo and perhaps in the same directory. If you want to regain the previous result after some time, starting from the original photo, you should be able to load the contents of this file and reapply it to the original photo. To be clearer, I ask you to save the enhancements applied to an image as a property of the image itself: when I reopen the same original image in the future, the system should ask me whether to display and apply the same improvements previously used for the same image. Basically, this is what most editors do (E.g. Lightroom): if you reopen an image that has already been processed, it restarts, showing the stack of changes made previously; the user can then decide whether to use them or not. This functionality has nothing to do with presets although technically it may seem similar but semantically and implementationally completely different.

I believe this request is even more valid today with TPAI 3.0. I’ll give you an example: I processed a photo with TPAI and, once I was satisfied, I saved the result; after a few days I realize that perhaps it would have been better to have a slightly different sharpenig while the other changes are fine: currently I should rework the photo from the beginning but who remembers what parameters I had set or what masks? I think the solution is to allow you to save all the enhancements applied to an image, including masks, and their order of application, which means saving the stack

Thanks for the idea and suggestion! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile: