Ability to export masks

Now that PAI masking is getting there, and since Mask AI seems to be a dead product, could we please have the ability to export masks so that they can be used by other programmes.

This is something I am wondering, too. The mask is right there. It would be great to be able to export it. Especially now that production seems to have stopped on Topaz Mask AI.


Came here after Ray mentioned this thread, I’m here to signal boost this idea as a solid feature we should have!

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Many thanks

Thanks @rayinsanmiguel for the suggestion and everyone for the votes. Could you provide more detail on a specific use case where you might want this functionality? It’ll help me in my discussions with my team.

Some time ago, I used Mask AI to replace the background to a shot of myself and a friend. This was a a laborious process, since the masking tools in Mask AI are not very good. With Photo AI, they are getting there, despite the fact that there is no edge aware tool. Of course, other programmes now have background removal built-in, but it could be something that PhotoAI could achieve—if the mask could be exported to, say, On1 PhotoRaw, which is my main editing programme.
Another instance would be to sharpen an out-of-focus foreground, then export the mask in order to be able to blur the background, as per an image I have already uploaded to the devs.

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Thanks for elaborating.