Abandoned self demolished mansion

abandoned mansion on montevideo, uruguay. its a haunted mansion. a few years ago 2 homeless people break into it, one was an old time boxer star. died at the hands of the other homeless man by a disagreement. it is said this mansion was abandoned since everyone that enters into it has a terrible death and usually in the ground. as you can see the main stone staircase was demolished (the pile of dirt and branches used to be a lovely double stone staircase) and a few months after the homeless man died, the roof cave in. not sure if the owners finished the roof and the staircase in order to make sure nobody enters ever again. has been to sale for decades now but nobody wants the mansion or the land where it stands. while i was taking this picture it felt like a big number of people was staring at me from the mansion.
anyways this is a high res picture so only used Adjust AI to enhace the colors of the tree leaves.

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