A way to apply the same crop (and position in the crop) to all selected images

I very often have to upscale some small parts of bigger images (faces or other elements). Like 1k to 5k images. Then compose them back in, at the same position.

I would like to be able to apply the same crop (and position of the images in the crop) to all selected images.

What I have to do now is to do the crop outside of Gigapixel AI, export all the images in a folder, use Gigapixel AI, save to another folder, then comp the sequence back in. Gigapixel works way faster on 512x512 images than full HD or even 4k frames.

It would save me a ton of space, and time if I had a check box that would apply the same crop to all images, like the enhancements do.

Thank you

I’m in the Gigapixel forum, but this should be done with Photo AI too

Great idea! This is not the first time that we have heard this. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah I’m mostly using Gigapixel to upscale small parts of images sequences rendered from other programs like Blender or from videos.

I’m glad they worked on the stability because now at least I can drop 5k images in it (pre-cropped of course), and it doesn’t freeze for long minutes. And before, with more than 2k images, the process for each image was slower.

Now I’ll just need this crop thing and for my use, Gigapixel would be perfect.

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It’s getting to be more useful since cropped/resized images at certain sizes are needed for AI LORA training. I was just trying to make a batch of 144 images for that, but it would only do the first one in a batch.

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