A view across our valley with the Clarity it deserves

a 12 image (HDR & pano) composite with LR PS and a trip into Clarity


Beautiful country scene …

You live in a beautiful place Terry!
Great job on this.

Top notch work Terry and a beautiful view too.

@AiDon @Michigander @Kathy_9 – thanks – I’m pleased with the result - my son suggested yesterday we go and do it - I’m glad I did - it’s only taken me 30 months to capture this view
@Michigander - the moment I saw this view after we’d moved here — I knew we’d made a good decision

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Stunning view and treatment …

thanks @BobKramer - I think I’m getting the hang of this now

Beautiful image and scene.

Definitely! Great job keeping the images matched in all aspects. Certainly a lot more work than a single image, but good panos reward you with a nice sense of accomplishment.

Best regards

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A very stunning pano and treatments applied… what a fabulous view.

I meant “globally” rather than “specifically” – but I’ll accept your praise gracefully

Yup westwards from the village is a super vista across the valley towards the Pennines


Many thanks