A Test of "Everythng in Focus"

A 7-shot focus-stacked image of the eastern Montana plains at pre-dawn.


Great DOF. Did you have to manually change the focus for each shot or does your camera have some automatic focusing routine?

Artisan-West: Yes, I manually changed the focus for seven exposures. Obviously a tripod and wired remote to keep from jiggling the camera. And careful turning of the focus ring. I used Photoshop to stack, align and then auto-blend the images.

I’ve done that a few time in the past and it’s harder than it sounds for close subjects.

I get my best results from just gradually turning the focus ring, real
small increments, and taking a shot. I don’t even look to see what is in
focus. Particularly small increments on the closest range. I’ve been
shooting 7-10+ images per scene and I only rarely have an out of focus
area. I’ve used this method with macro images for a year or so, but saw
someone on YouTube shooting focus-stacked landscapes and knew I had to try

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Excellent work …

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Well, it was certainly worth all the effort. :slight_smile:

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