A sad saga of unfortunate timing

See this image? Ya, unfortunately it’s only in my minds eye now but I will try to describe shortly.

I normally always have a camera close at hand. I’m planning on getting more something “serious” next year, but for now just it’s been a pair of old Sonys. They were pretty decent at the time, but we all know how technology progresses. They weren’t purchased at the same time but they both slowly ended up dying at the same exactly the same time. So, onward to something new.

Went with the Canon Elf 190. Much smaller, lighter, quicker, etc. and fit the purpose quite well. I don’t like “smart” phones (although impressed with their image quality), but still need something small & discreet. It was working just great & used it one night and all was fine; go to take a shot the next day and discover that the internal chip had cracked! It was less than a month old.

Wonderful. So due to my hyper goofy schedule, I can’t get back to the store for several days. Was hoping for a replacement, but no, has to go back to Canon. Just peachy.

That was about a week or so ago. I’d already missed some shots I would like to have had, and kind of been wondering…

Had my first day off in nearly a week today and my car was in desperate need of a wash. But, it’s a really nice Fall day & I decide to take a much less traveled (tons of speed bumps) but much more scenic route to my favorite carwash. I was only doing about 3 mph when I came to a stop and was literally screaming as I didn’t have a camera.

What I come across was a lush, tree shaded yard of a classic Craftsman house. On the front porch steps are two young boys, brothers I assume, surrounded by pumpkins & just starting to carve. The older boy has just placed a large one in his lap and about to slice, the younger leaning over his shoulder watching. Off to the left is a golden retriever, laying down with out-stretched legs & looking at me with dangling tongue. All of this was in sun but in the background, very dark gray storm clouds were building up up above the Sierras. I tell ya, all that was missing was a Norman Rockwell signature at the bottom.

Immediately after I got the car washed, I went & picked up another Elf. This time with a nice protective pouch.