A question about operation parameters

Sometimes I don’t use Autopilot function to process images.

but when I switch between multiple images,I saw the values in “Enhancement Resolution” are always changed.

I am encountering same issue with Enhancement Resolution sliders.
Whats worse autopilot is forced on all consequential images in queue disregarding user settings if you attempt to export. So if you want to use specific “slider” settings you have to adjust and export images one by one. Its a fresh feature added only recently, so i hope they fix it soon.

that is because each photo you load into TPAI is autopiloted individually.
that means that if you make a change to a photo it only applies to that individual photo.
you can apply your setting to all your pictures if you wish after you fine tuned one of them.
I suggest you watching this video to understand better how TPAI works with multiple videos
and how to apply your settings to the rest of your photos you loaded.

You are wrong sir, this was actual bug and it got fixed.

I was addressing @Kirby47 post :slight_smile:
Maybe I misunderstood his/your issue.