A Puzzler

I created an image on my laptop in TS. Saved my image (In Pictures). Wanted to put it on a greeting card so sent it to a flash (thumb) drive on the laptop and took it over to my Tabletop (which is hooked up to a printer and has my Printmasters program) copied from Flash Drive and pasted into a Picture file on my Tabletop and when I went into Printmasters to add it to my project it did not show up. Even when I went into the Flash Drive, which was in my Tabletop it would not show up. Any ideas?

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Unless you “stop” the flashdrive before disconnecting (I’m sure you did) it may have lost data that way?!

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Yup - and more importantly it may have left some preamble debris on the drive before it wrote the file (to allocate file specification and allocate sectors) information before it actually wrote the image information OR it wrote it and never put the file closing information at the tail of the file – thus rendering that part of the drive useless - you may find the drive does “ODD” things - format is the only answer in that case

When you go into the flash drive directly it shows up but in Printmasters (to bring it into my project) it does not show up. Maybe problem is with my Printmasters but any images that do show can bring them in.

Is it the recognized format for PrintMasters?

It is a JPEG Jack. I think that is what you mean. Thanks for the help.

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