A newbies discovery in why Photo AI should be used on raw over jpeg

So I’m trying to use PhotoAI with my regular workflow, and since I don’t use Lightroom or Photoshop, but just Photoshop elements or Nikon NX, I had to find a new workflow.

First I used Nikon NX to proces the raw → JPG → PhotoAI → JPG, but the look was a bit plasticky or too smooth.

So I tried RAW->PhotoAI->DNG->PSE2024

From left: original jpeg no AI, middle: jpg->PhotoAI and rightmost raw->PhotoAI->PSE2024
To me there is no question which look better.

What I do is to walk the middle ground of exporting to TIFF which tends to be better handled by Topaz AI for all functions than JPG and RAW. I then export to DNG then bring it back into PS for any final edits. You may like to try this and see if it makes a difference. I still have the RAW files to go back to it I have to.
I would also note that I am running Win 11 Pro with a Nvidia 3090TI using the Nvidia Studio Drivers and not their Game Drivers.

Any specifics that works better in tiff?
Do you use unedited tiffs?

It would require an extra step compared to just adding the raw files from my nikon D7500.

I’m using a Radeon 6800XT on win 11 pro

I use Photo Mechanic Plus to do my photo selection and cropping. I then just run a batch export to .TIFF (over night) before loading those files into TopazAI. The files are typically 120MB to 180MB each and the DNG files Topaz creates are only slightly smaller. I burn the images out of PS as the image type and size I need.

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Thx for the explanation. I think I’ll try my new routine out, as it is mostly casual photography I do :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending in this information and the screenshots.

The RAW → Topaz Photo AI → DNG workflow you described is the best option for handling RAW files while working on those files.