A.I. Gigapixel - What does the "Reduce Noise and Blur" option do?

Originally published at: https://topazlabs.com/a-i-gigapixel-what-does-the-reduce-noise-and-blur-option-do/

  In the A.I. Gigapixel V1.1 update (released September 5, 2018), Our research scientist Dr. Acharjee has made substantial improvements on the deep learning models behind the scenes.   Those enhancements are reflected as replacing the “Enhancement” checkbox with a multi-level “Reduce Noise and Blur” options. The difference is very subtle for most photos, for which the…


Sounds great, will have to try it out. So far it has struggled somewhat with noisy images.

Thanks @albert101 for the update news and info. I updated on my Mac ElCapitan and it was successful. I will try out the new features.

I think there should be a low level between none and moderate. Some images get over-denoised with moderate preset.

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