A.I Gigapixel help center requests error


I submitted a trouble ticket and received an email back with a request number with a link to the help.topazlabs.com
In the menu bar there is My requests - I click on it and get an error

Invalid JWT Request

JWT requests must be sent to https://topazlabs1.zendesk.com/access/jwt

How do I fix this so I can read
answers to my requests?

Unless you were logged in to your account at the time you submitted the enquiry you won’t be able to access your ticket directly.

Any responses are emailed to the email address you used.

Thank you, one problem remains, I didn’t get any email answers to my questions, only auto replies with ticket number, but I was just minutes ago enter the “my requests” tab but found 1 out of 2 requests I submitted.
Thank you again

You won’t get replies on the weekend as they work 9-5 monday to friday central time. If you have an auto-reply it means it is in the system waiting for a support person.