A.I. Gigapixel "files in use" until closed

Hi, AI Gigapixel version 4.11 is preventing me from working in Windows explorer (Win 10 v.1809) with previously processed files. For example, my workflow is to create a new file with AI Gig with a prefix imagename_hires.jpg. If I want to then delete the original file in windows explorer, the action can not be completed because the file is open in AI Gig. Removing the file from AI Gig does not solve this problem, only a restart of the program does. Is there a way to sort this so removing the file from AI Gig frees up other programs to access and save/delete as necessary?

Interestingly, the actual processed high res file is not affected in the same manner.

It is a known issue that is being worked on, the only thing I can think of is to either log off/on from windows or reboot.

Many thanks for the info, good to know. Closing AI Gigapixel frees the file up, so no reboot, or logging off from windows is necessary.

We are about to release an update to gigapixel to fix an issue that turned out to be file IO related. Given the description of your problem there is a decent chance it might fix your issue as well. Please let me know whether or not the 4.1.2 release fixes your issue so we know if we need to keep working on this. Thank you and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


I have just updated AI Gigapixel and it seems the problem is fixed! Many thanks for that.

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Version 4.1.2 fixed the problem for AI Gigapixel! Thanks!
The problem persists with DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI, both of which started having this issue after their updates at the same time it started with AI Gigapixel. I suspect that there was a core code change which affected all three. Now that you know how to fix AI Gigapixel, Please pass on this info to the developers for the other affected programs.