A.I. Gigapixel Error Massage

I have this Problem. Keeps running for a day or so and then I’m getting this massage.
“A.I. Gigapixel”
“The program detected an attempt to attach a debugger to the program, program will exit.”
I keep uninstalling and then installing again. Works for a day and then this massage appear. This happen after driver update.
When I select a run as ADMINISTRATOR then sometimes starts working again for a while. Ten goes back to the massage but not all the time this works ether…

If you meet the technical requirements at the link below raise a technical support request. Use the plugins button on the “Need Help” panel above and you will be taken to the help page where you can raise a support request.

Make sure your PC at least meets the minimum requirements …

PC works OK so that’s not the problem. The tech support will not help. This has to be part of the programming.
If there would be a problem with PC then the program would not work at all.
If I can start the program, then works good as long I don’t close it.

did your Ai gigapixel proprom fix?
I have a same problem with my JEPtoRAW AI

@joe.Bejm Joe, the word is message, massage has a totally different meaning. Hope your problem got fixed.

It’s almost a year ago that I had that problem. It got fixed with new Versions. But what was the problem I got no Idea and never got answer from TOPAZ. The answer they give is like 6 month later. Very bad Customer service…