A.I. Gigapixel changing aspect ratio

I’ve been attempting to up-size a 90 x 40 cm image (= 12756 x 5669 pixels at 360 ppi) to 105 cm wide with constrained proportions (= 14882 x 6614 pixels).

Using a flattened 8 Bit source Tiff and entering these values into Size - Width and Height in A.I. Gigapixel, the created output image is 14882 x 7716 pixels. I’ve tried this a few times with the same change of aspect ratio.

Is this a bug? I still got a good result by re-sampling back to the correct image proportions in Photoshop, so I’m pleased with A.I. Gigapixel in general. I also notice some loss of contrast, saturation and sharpness in the output images but they are quite easy to restore in Photoshop or Studio.

I have run into the same problem. I took an original raw image, sized 5184 x 3888 (4 x 3 ratio) and told Gigapixel that it should generate an image 6000 x 4500, the same 4 x 3 ratio. Instead it generated an image 5999 x 5152, almost exactly 7 x 6.

I have filed a bug report, along with a screen shot of the Gigapixel UI and the output image which, of course, is distorted as the original ratio was not maintained in the resize, and will see if they accept the report or not.

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Please raise a Technical Support request

The issue has already been submitted as a bug report but I am sure more reports would be helpful.

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I’m pleased to say that in the Gigapixel upgrade (v1.0.2), enlarge by size is working properly. I’m delighted with this software. My latest discovery is up-sizing those Bryce files that took forever to render even small images.