A.I.Clear on Topaz Studio 1 vs A.I.Clear on Topaz Studio 2

I’ve upgraded Topaz Studio 1 to Topaz Studio 2.
The most important tool for me is A.I.Clear.

I made a quick test with the A.I.Clear tool, both in T.Studio 1 and T.Studio 2 and I want to show you the results (at 150% zoom!) - in the picture are the leaves of a flower: https://i.imgur.com/2QbcWUH.jpg


  • I used the latest version of Topaz Studio 1 (v1.14.5), and Topaz Studio 2 is the release version (v2.0.0).
  • I also mention the fact that I used the same settings for A.I.Clear, both in Topaz Studio 1 and Topaz Studio 2.

My conclusions:

1.) - Studio 2 works a bit slower on a computer that is not the latest generation, but the program can be used without any problems;

2.) - The results obtained with A.I.Clear on Topaz Studio 1 and A.I.Clear on Topaz Studio 2 are almost identical, with a small addition to Topaz Studio 2 that seems to do even better than Topaz Studio 1. The difference is very small, but there is!

As a result, I would like to congratulate the TOPAZ team who worked on the Topaz 1&2 program!
It also must to appreciate that the TOPAZ team is listening the users desires and tries to put them into practice and apply them.