A few garden daisies



Soon we will have these in Northern Illinois. For now it is snow.

Like that! Care to share settings? I know that can be tedious as they can be many, so not to worry if its a problem, I’ll like it just the same!


You are right that I have a poor memory of settings.

Usual workflow is to begin in LR and merge multiple images if I am doing exposure bracketing or joining two or more images into a larger file that I load into PS after enhancing the Hue and Sat of the greens. In Topaz lab I use AI Clear, HSL Color Tuning, Smudge and Impression filters. I then mask and copy my main thematic areas and run one or more Add Looks (eg Degas). I paste the mask back from time to time as I create changes to the background. I generally then go to Remix and low opacity once or twice. I burn edges in Edge exposure for vignette. Once I finish, I can rarely reproduce whatever effect I achieved


Sounds like your workflow is much like mine - a lot of to and fro and going with the ‘flow’ of the image! :slight_smile:

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