A Day In The Life In A Knight

Sarasota Medieval Fair. We had a great time and the day was almost too perfect for photos. Notice the natural sunburst (nature’s Photoshop brush).


I love these period images and you’ve caught a good one. May I give it a try?

Yes, please do!

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Thank you…

Wow!! Love the sepia one.

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Here is a quick one I tried. It was harder working with the jpg file.

Jackie, you are on the correct path to success. Keep up the good work and keep trying new ideas. I am looking forward to continuing viewing more of your creations.

Good work!


I also like the sepia one.

Wow ! Very cool photos versions ! The Middle Age ! :wink:

Great image - pity about the backdrop ---- not quite what we have in the UK

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Unfortunately, this image or copy of it was extremely noisy and difficult to overcome. The figure’s positioning and sun rays were captivating tho. If it were in the UK, the background would have benefited from forestry and a more manicured lawn surrounding the jousting field…or at least that’s what I imagine from the grounds at Warwick Castle.

Thank you Bluemoon5!

Warwick Castle is a “Disney” park aimed at getting $$$ from the punters but at least the grass is green not like the brown scrub in the image. My limited knowledge of UK Medieval history would indicate that the grass would be green and short otherwise the jousting might be difficult but for real fighting … the battlefields were little more than the fields in which they chose to fight … and the ones near to my home are … agricultural

Agreed that Warwick is “Disney” like. Of the castles I’ve visited, the one I enjoyed the most was one in Stirling, Scotland. It had enough restoration and furnishings to capture the imagination but not the touristy trappings of Warwick. We were lucky to have a very knowledgable docent to ourselves.

= castle

= theme park