A curious solution when Gigapixel AI update Installs but doesn't open ... (W 10 Pro)

I contacted Support when Gigapixel AI would not open after following their clear, concise directions.

Here’s the bread crumb trail that worked for me

Windows 10 Pro ( w current updates) reminds us Topaz is not MS, offers the option of installing anyway - in my first attempts I simply chose that option, installed and no Gigapixel AI.

Downloaded a fresh version as .04 went to .05

Executed Support’s deletion and restart instructions - only this time added two steps:

When the “Not MS” window appeared I chose “Go to Settings,” At the options box I accidentally bumped the cursor down - and a new option appeared “Anywhere”

I clicked Anywhere - and rebooted.

On restart of Install the Topaz Window opened with three options: Install, Repair or Uninstall.

Selected Uninstall - there was a distinct processing pause … no idea what or where!

Closed the Topaz Window and Rebooted

After restart Gigapixel AI Installed Up and Running!

Thanks for sharing this with us!

I’m glad you got it up and running.


I hope it helps … You and Justin put me on the right road!

Thank You


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