A Color Theme technique I found

I found a Color Theme technique I thought I would share as I find it very useful. As an example I will refer to ‘Little Meditator’, which I posted earlier this week. I have now saved a range of Custom Color Themes as described below. In Little Meditator I applied one of these.

  1. I open an art image to use as a colour reference (in this case Monet’s ‘Duck Pond’ as pictured).
  2. I then select the ‘Color Theme’ adjustment.
  3. Mostly I don’t do anything more than go to the bottom right and ‘Save Effect’ (as I would do for any adjustment effects I save). Sometimes I tweak the colour in ‘New Color Theme” a little first. I have a system of putting a ‘CT’ in the name I save the effect under so I can later do a quick search on My Effects/CT to pull up thumbnails of Color Themes over on the left - to quickly run through for possibilities.
  4. So, with an image like the ‘Little Meditator’ I select a saved theme I like. This opens the Color Theme adjustment on the right. I slide the Color Theme slider to add as much color theme as suits. Sometimes choosing one of the layer blending choices from the drop-down list (such as ‘Color’) next to this gives the best effect.
    NOTE: This isn’t the same as using Restyle plugin but it does expand the range of choices. Suggestion: a Rembrandt Color Theme like this is another good standard one to try. Any colour source will do but it will only select a few of the dominant colours