A beautiful girl

I worked all day fine-tuning my painting presets. I am not there yet. Please go to the completed image which is posted below.



Nice composition and colors, but may I suggest softening/removing the texture on her face? That texture may work for a grizzled male but not so well on a young pretty female.

I agree with Michael. Don’t care for the texture in the face.

I agree that is what I solved this morning… I have yet to display it. Thanks

This morning I completed this image.


Absolutely!! Love it!!


Second one is great.

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Love the new version …nice work.

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I’m in love! Very nice work.

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I love this second version!

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One of the best, if not the best of all the lovely portraits posted here the past several years! Second image hit the grand prize vote for me…

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Very nice work. I like both versions and don’t really have a problem with the texture in the first version. Maybe it’s my experience seeing and photographing a reasonable amount of street art. I can imagine seeing the first version on the outside wall of a boutique as I window shopped in the city.

Best regards

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Love the revised image, very nice !!

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Liked the first one but love the second one.

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Love your image and the smooth look of her face in the second photo! May I ask how you got that smooth look?

Vey beautiful!

Thanks to everyone for your kind words.

You did one heck of a job…you had a beautiful model to work with.