8K Upscale Error

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  1. I am having problem upscaling my 4K videos to 8K. It gives a “resolution error” whenever I do that.
  2. My specs are powerful, ryzen 9 5900x, rx6600xt(8gb), 32GB of ram.

logsForSupport.zip (125.1 KB)

I need help…

According to the logs, you’re trying to export using the h264 codec. The max resolution for h264 is 4096x4096.

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which codec shall I use to get 8K?

Now tried with prores 422 proxy and it now started to do that, I want to get this super quality thing on instagram. I am posting car videos.

So, after I export this file 8K, I will use media encoder to downscale it to 1080p. Somehow nobody shares the full info of how to do that.

Suggestions appreciatied

Now I recieved an error: “no space”, are there any other way to get 8K without using prores? Since I dont have any space for GBs for a 15 sec video.

Why the heck upscale to 8K from 4K when Instagram has a max video size of 1080 x 1920.

Seems a completely pointless way of working as your not going to gain anything from people watching a video on their phone.

Just output to 1080.

As I mentioned, I am using encoder to get 1080p as a final output, this is what everyone told me mate, chill. I am fresh here.

Everyone told me to upscale the videos and get it downscaled after topaz, to 1080p. If you want to help, make sure that you know I am a freshman and here to learn.

Use the h265 codec and set a lower bitrate. ProRes Proxy uses a bitrate of about 120-150 Mbps by default for UHD.

I gave you decent comments to think about what you are doing and why.
And I’m telling you upscaling a 4K video to 8K in video AI and then using “Media Encoder” whatever that is to downscale is pointless and an extra step that is not needed.
You would save so much time by following my advice.

I def accept ur comments and knowledge. Could u please let me know, what kind of process he did to achieve this good quailty, while I have the same topaz?

If you actually look deep into the video itself it’s not really that great.
He’s defo run it thro some sort of AI. Look at the rear spoiler and the green foilage behind.
All distorted, this happens often with Proteus I’ve noticed over the years.

Prob shot on a HDR camera, graded in Davinci resolve then run thro AI

In the shot below look at the wheel spoke and the text on the door.

Instagram has encoded this video to 720 x 1280 H265 8bit 4.2.0 fyi

I can see that u are wise. But I think u understood what I want to achieve, what would u suggest in order the get the quality in the link above?

send me something you have and i’ll see what i can do,

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