800x600 resolution displays not supported

I use my pc at 800x600 because I have poor eyesight and the low res displays allow ui elements to be big enough for me to see the screen without having to have so much of a high zoom on windows magnifier. When I am able to do this I do not miss objects that appear on websites or ui elements in general go less unnoticed when I am able to see the full screen at once like everyone else gets to at their super high definition display resolutions with the tiny print. When I try to launch this app using the lower resolutions most of the ui elements are cut off and it makes it unusable. I end up needing to go into windows settings to change resolution over and over back and forth for only this program. Steam and this program are the only two that have this issue on windows 10

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I will bring this up to our developers for consideration. Would you mind providing some screenshots of your window when setting the resolution to your preferred ratio?