8 bit in 16 bit out

The export seems to always be 16 bit color.

Can I set the preference to 8 bit?
I do not see where I can do this.

Am I best off accepting your 16 bit and changing it to 8 bit in Photoshop?
I have been using your stand alone - perhaps doing it in the Photoshop plug-in will make my workflow easier if I need to do this.

I print images via inDesign

  • one image goes in straight as your tif
  • one image is placed in Illustrator for a label

Adobe Illustrator does not accept 16 so will reinterpret to 8 bit
(I am always leery of auto changes inside a program that was not built for dealing with pixels – the teams inside Adobe do not seem to cross pollenate their products with the same thing they all seem to build their own)

Yes, using the Photoshop plugin seems like it’ll be the best for your workflow so you can convert it to 8 bit in Photoshop.

If I need to increase the resolution I cannot do that inside Photoshop with plug in – biggest reason I use PhotoAi is to increase the resolution for an image.

So does not work…