7.2.0 - colorspace XYB in thumbnail

Gigapixel now correctly reads jpg files with colorspace XYB (made by jpegli), but when the photo is closed, a thumbnail with incorrectly colors appears in the recently opened files.


We’ll want to keep a close eye on something like this if it’s a known conflict for Gigapixel v7.2.0.

Could you reach out to support (help@topazlabs.com) via email with the following information?:

  1. A screenshot of the conflict.
  2. The link to this forum post.
  3. The original image and settings used.
  • Upload your images to my Dropbox. Please let me know once something is sent so I can test it.

To screenshot on Mac, press Shift + CMD + 3 simultaneously or to screenshot on Windows, press Shift + Windows Key + S simultaneously.

In both GP and TPAI the recent file thumbnails are not colour-managed. This has been the case for as long as both programs have had a recent file list. It’s most noticeable with an image with a wide gamut colour space like ProPhoto. I’m surprised that Topaz employees are not aware of this.

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OK, mail was sending. Two files go to Dropbox.

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Thank you for bringing this up.

Our dev team is working to improve the accuracy across Gigapixel in regards to color space.

The little details are sometimes overlooked on our part >< we will be better going forward to correct this oversight!

Continue to keep us in check =)

We’ve emailed you some more information about what we learned using your image.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention!

For additional users who are experiencing this:

We are now aware of the issue change.

Unfortunately, this is a tricky color space profile that we are still investigating. We know even Mac users will have this thumbnail issue so we can see we’re not alone in this conflict.

At the moment, we currently suggest working in a different color space.