7.0+ is slow!

I paid to get this program and got the latest version, and it was slow, but thought maybe my gpu can’t handle it, I have a RTX 3070 8GB Vram Windows 11

So I saw I can get earlier versions(noting that their is standard v1 in 7+) so I get 6.3.3 and its much faster!, I wanted to get the latest version so I can have some of the new touch up features but it’s unusable. I deal with lots of images like hundreds at a time and 6.3.3 has no issue with it and get’s right to work, but in 7+ it takes a while to start upscaling for each image and then upscales quick like usual, but with this delay before each image it takes a lot of time. Like what happened in 7.0+ to cause it to be slower??

I upscale 2.65x from the size of 888 x 1112 in jpeg.

I’d like for you to reach out to Support (help@topazlabs.com) so we can handle this more effectively. When you reach out, please provide the following in your email:

  1. A link to this forum post.

  2. Your system profile. This is how to get your system profile for Windows.

  • I understand that you provided your system information, but the system profile will show me any out of date drivers or any driver errors that could be occurring.
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awesome I will contact them now :slight_smile: