5.1.1. Export paused

The program does not prevent the PC from going into standby mode during export.

I started an upscale job which should take 90 minutes, when I came back 2 hours later, the PC was in standby and export paused at 60 minutes.

Do you have your system set to go into standby mode after a certain time has elapsed of inactivity or for it to shut down?

Did the pause/resume function work for that export and let it start back from the paused moment and complete once you were back to the computer?

Yes, my Windows 11 system is set to go into standby after 60 minutes.

Resume seemed to work, but I cancelled the job.

I would have expected that a program that puts heavy load on cpu/gpu would overrule the system standby, like for games do.

The Video AI app is still subjected to your systems settings for sleep and shut down as it does not have permission to override those settings at this time.

Ok, thank you.
Please consider to implement an override option, as I prefer to let larger conversion jobs finish over night and I don´t want to change the energy settings manually everytime.