[5.0.3] When the process is finished, the file cannot be opened

I tried twice to create a process with upscale with Proteus and lost about 12 hours to eventually find a file (duration 130 minutes) that cannot be opened with any player or even Mediainfo.
The file exported in Prores 422HQ format without audio.
I have always adopted this procedure even with version 4.2.2 without any kind of problem.
I tested with the same cut file with duration of about 15 minutes and the export was successful with creation of an additional file in .mkv which I do not understand what it is.
At the moment to finish some work I reverted to version 4.2.2
Thank you

Can you share the logs from this process?

I have uninstalled everything and will try again.

Unfortunately the problem occurred again, even with new installation. I imported my file in DNxHR HQ format, I get the same problem that with previous versions did not happen. i attach the log file for possible investigation.
logsForSupport.zip (435.8 KB)