4.2.0 Frame Interpolation Very Jerky

Lately I’ve had some fun upsampling video from 24fps to 60fps, just to see the difference (especially fun with martial arts stuff). Results using Apollo Fast have been really silky smooth in 4.1.2.

With the upgrade to 4.2.0, suddenly the video is very stuttery and quite unwatchable. It’s definitely a change from 4.1.2 to 4.2.0. Ironic, since I was excited to see that there was a new interpolation model in the latest update. :slight_smile:

DxDiag.txt (131.4 KB)

logsForSupport.zip (357.2 KB)

I’ve been goofing with this a bit, and Aion is not affected by this problem (Aion had crashed on me the only time I’d tried it before noticing this bug and getting side-tracked), nor is Apollo. It seems to be just Apollo Fast.

There have been some reports of issues with Apollo fast that the team is working on and several were fixed in v4.2.2. Are you still seeing them in the newest version?

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As a matter of fact, no. I saw Apollo Fast mentioned in the latest release notes, so I updated, and it seems back to normal. Performance is little faster, at that. Thanks!

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