4.0 - Previews with similar but not the same settings, get grouped together and cause UI issues

TVAI version: 4.0 on macOS

Description of issue:
When generating some previews with similar, but not the same settings as a preview preview, some of the previews will be grouped together with other previews, while also introducing UI issues.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Import a video.
  2. On side 1, set Enhancement to Nyx (Or some other model)
  3. On side 2, set Enhancement to Gaia (Or some other model)
  4. Generate a preview. And wait for it to finish.
  5. Select the Crop setting and crop your video.
  6. Generate a new preview
  7. In the Previews section at the bottom, a second Gaia will be added (because the settings are different from the first one due to the crop). However, Nyx doesn’t get a second preview.
  8. Notice how on Side 1, it says the preview is Nyx. But notice that in the “Previews” section at the bottom of the app, apparently Side 1 is “Original Video”.

Here’s a video showing the issue:

Note: Crop doesn’t work in preview mode, see 4.0 Crop doesn't work in preview

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