4.0 Crop doesn't work in preview

TVAI version: 4.0 on macOS

Description of issue:
The crop function doesn’t work in the new preview system.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Import a video.
  2. Select the crop tool and crop the video a significant amount.
  3. Preview the video.
  4. The preview won’t be cropped. It will be the full video.
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Thanks so much for the bug reports! (This one and the others posted).

We’ll be checking out the others as a team tomorrow, but this Crop behavior is expected for now.

We’ve disabled cropping in Previews to avoid some unexpected behavior in the new UI, but it’s slated to be added back in soon. In this release, the area indicator matches the area that is exported after the Crop is applied.

Then this should ideally be listed as a “known limitation” in the 4.0 release notes.

Just added :+1:

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