4.0.9 No display of output video

When you render (aka export) a video, the output in progress does not display. Only a copy of the original, or sometimes a “not-rendered” screen showing a recent preview or a faded copy of the original.

There is no option to choose the output video as one of the previews so the side-by-side and split views are pointless.

After several attempts with different settings, I noticed that the export list shows a tiny progress bar so I let it run for 4 hours and it turned out that it worked, but there was no indication that it was working and to need to wait 4 to 8 hours to see the result and try again if it was not as hoped was a bit of a sub-optimal workflow.

2024-01-15-18-29-21-Main.tzlog (1.5 MB)

There is currently no live preview available for exporting. Maybe in future versions again.

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