360 support

VEAI should offer 360 support

Hi Ida :wink: what do you mean by 360 support ? to be able to see the picture in 360 in VEAI ?

because actually we already can process VR or 360 videos. these videos are just a big normal video. with separated screen, in the middle, horizontally or vertically. i already processed a VR video (very short because a 4K video take a long time with my graphic card to process). but i already saw people who upscalled using VEAI 2K or 4K video in 8K. the only issue is the preview, difficult to know if it’s working well as the video is distorted when displayed without a 360 player, maybe you’re talking about that ?

At this time Video Enhance AI does not fully support 360 videos. Although you can enhance and upscale the quality, you may need post-processing to make it 360 again.

Many of our users have written in to request true 360 support, just sharing their requests as I personally do not work with 360 videos :slight_smile:

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ok got it !! thx for the reply !!

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The existing models work fairly well to upscale both 2D VR and 3D VR video. You lose some potential detail due to the compression reduction, but otherwise the results are rather fantastic.

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